Atlantik Networxx AG


The Atlantik Networxx Group is a group of companies with a global market perspective, and a leading specialist in the semiconductor and network components businesses. Our core activities are marketing of technology, and design-in of innovative semiconductor products and network components.

Atlantik Networxx AG is the holding company for the member enterprises of the Atlantik Networxx Group. Atlantik Networxx AG is a non-listed Aktiengesellschaft.

Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

Atlantik Elektronik is a leading marketer of technology, and an expert in design-in of innovative semiconductor products and semiconductor solutions for the high-end of growth-oriented markets. Being a provider of solutions, the company offers a range of services and products that deliver benefit to customers along their entire value chain. So as well as standard distribution services, Atlantik Elektronik also designs technical concepts, plans projects, develops bespoke hardware and software and helps customers with their production.

Astradis Elektronik GmbH

Astradis Elektronik GmbH is a global independent distributor for procurement of active components. Customers can use this service for any component: generally available, available on allocation basis, and last-buy components. Astradis Elektronik ensures high quality and fast delivery by sourcing from long-term partners and by applying rigorous quality assurance on incoming goods.

Atlantik Systeme GmbH

Atlantik Systeme is your value-added distributor for network components. Our core competences are active network infrastructure and data center management. We offer the benefits of an international network of partners, combining good prices and shortest possible delivery times with capable advice from experts. Atlantik Systeme helps you find a solution that is a perfect fit for your needs.

Allmos Electronic GmbH

Allmos Electronic is a specialist in network measurement technology, network analysis and network monitoring. We offer a wide range of products to help you measure and check the performance and infrastructure of your digital network. Allmos Electronic provides you with analysis, planning and design tools.