Atlantik Elektronik presents AKM´s world smallest current senor

Trend-setting generation for industrial sensor applications

Atlantik Elektronik announce AKM's CQ330x current sensor family. This family includes five open loop current sensors with ranges of +/-6.4A, +/-10.7A, +/-21A, +/-31.8A and +/-35A. The space saving VSOP package with a size of only 7.9 mm x 5.6 mm x 1.15mm includes a primary conductor and a high-accuracy linear Hall sensor and dispenses the usual flux concentrator.

The sensor reaches a voltage rate of 3kV with an accuracy of 1.3 % and a response time of only 0.4μs. The product family is IEC / UL certified according the industrial electrical and safety standards and is therefore ideally suited for a wide range of industrial current measurement applications and photovoltaic power generation.

Typical application areas of these industrial current measurement sensors are PFC, MPPT, FA/Consumer Inverters and Servo Motor Controllers.

Samples of the new current sensor family CQ330xx are now available at Atlantik Elektronik. In addition, Atlantik Electronik supports its customers with services relating to the implementation of industrial applications based on the current sensors of AKM.