Atlantik Elektronik GmbH presents solutions for Industrial Tablets & PCs

Specifically designed for all kinds of Industrial Tablet & PC solutions applications

Planegg, January 21th, 2021
Atlantik Elektronik offers products and solutions designed specifically designed for all kinds of Industrial Tablet & PC solutions applications. This includes an extensive set of hardware, software and development tools as well as the possibility to combine selected parts and create a complete solution. We support you in developing powerful, innovative, stylish devices and experience with our full portfolio for Industrial Tablet & PC solutions. They are designed to deliver advances in size, performance, sensor integration, connectivity, battery life and performance.

Target Applications:

  • Panel PCs
  • Measurement equipments
  • HMI for various applications
  • IoT connectivity gateways

The Atlantik solutions for Industrial Tablet & PC application are based on the latest processor technology out of the ARM and the x 86 world. As well as an option with the integration of latest LAN & WAN  RF technologies like e.g. Wi-Fi 6 or Cellular 5G at various levels of integration, whether it is a module, a single-board computer or customized PCB or a ready-to-use Panel PC end product.

In the first integration level Atlantik offers a range of Microprocessor modules (so called SoMs) based on NXP (i.MX), ST-Micro, Renesas, Rockchip ARM Cortex CPUs or as an alternative with x86 Low Power Intel® Atom™, Celeron® and Pentium® processors (Formerly Apollo Lake) module based solution. For the wireless connection we offer a variety of different technologies Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Lora etc. in different integration level form Chipset to the “stupid” frontend module.

For the industrial Ethernet world we offer different connectivity solution for e.g. with RJ45 and M12 connectors and/or cables assemblies for the usage in industrial and ruggedized applications while providing reliable connections that support Modbus, Ethernet, PROFINET, and EtherCAT communication protocols.

As another key component Atlantik offers a huge range of displays (standard & custom) and HMI Solutions for all serviced market segments but especially suited in different product lines for industrial ruggedized environments. To be complete we offer Microcontroller (e.g Companion peripheral controller for x86 processors), a huge variety of sensor IC and modules, as well as memory ICs, memory modules (e.g industrials SSDs) and antennas.

In the next stage, known as bundling and customization, Atlantik offers products and services that help its customers develop and bring products to market in less time. This can be the design of a customized base board (like a SBC) to marry a processor module with a display & touch unit or the combination with bundling components, such as standard and custom antennas, low power AI cameras, different sensors and sensor modules  to name a few.

In the final stage, Atlantik offers final ready to use solutions like Panel PCs, industrial Router, Tracking solutions, IoT Gateways as finished products, either from a standard portfolio or as an ODM for its customers.

As a support end ecosystem around core components at every level, Atlantik manages the collaboration of multiple ODMs/CMs and technology partners to deliver customized turnkey solutions.

Atlantik Elektronik's Industrial Tablet & PCs solutions include BSP/driver development capabilities for various components and sensors, Linux Android & Windows OS and RTOS application and algorithm development, and third-party services/application integration. Performance optimization and full support for eco-systems, device and cloud services, and companion application development complete the solution for a one-stop shopping experience.

Atlantik Elektronik partners with the world's leading embedded companies, including Qualcomm, Lantronix, Engicam, Bel-Stewart, Nuvoton, Quectel, SparkLan & Silex to name a few and has the ability to combine their technologies to create world-class industrial solutions.

The Industrial Tablet & PC solutions from Atlantik Elektronik are now available.