Play a round for a good course

Planegg, June 13th, 2019

The magic number on 29 June 2019 is the 13th because the INITIATIVE DO IT Golf Charity will take place for the 13th time under the motto "GOLF GOES BACK TO THE ROOTS". This year, the Golf Charity event will take place at the Golfclub Hohenpähl, where all began.

The five-star golf course in Hohenpähl is located in the middle of a wonderful landscape between Lake Starnberg and Lake Ammersee. It is also the first golf course in Bavaria to be awarded the "Umwelt Pakt Siegel ".

Achieving great things with playing golf. During the last twelve charity golf tournaments of the INITIATIVE DO IT there was generated a whopping profit of EUR 772.000* in favor of social projects of the INITIATIVE DO IT e.V. as well as the Children's cancer research project at the children’s hospital of the TU München, which is supported by the Rotary Club München-Blutenberg and the ALR Treuhand. Last year excellent EUR 60.000 was achieved. With this amounted money were supported welfare projects helping people in need and distress.

“What has been achieved in last years through the commitment of all those involved is simply sensational. Every donated euro is important, helps and arrives. I would like to thank all those involved for their big hearts and their social responsibility. Our dream is to reach a reasonable five-digit donation also at this event", said host Ottmar Flach with pleasure. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all[...] donors and sponsors", continues Ottmar Flach.

The high numbers of participants as well as the loyal sponsors, who show their commitment, confirm the extraordinary appeal of this event, which will be held on June 29th, 2019 for the thirteen times.

Fun while playing golf at this charity event meets social engagement to help the needy ones - a perfect combination.

* = Results from own collected and further grants from other institutions.